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Test burning smell from brakes at HAC Rockhampton

Brakes and the Burning Smell of Brakes HAC Rockhampton

Do your brakes give off a burning smell? In addition to the scent, overheated brakes may also squeal excessively. These are early warnings of a brake problem.

Potential causes of your brakes burning smell

Even the best of drivers can’t brake smoothly on bad brakes! If your brakes are not stopping smoothly no matter how gently you push that brake pedal, then it’s time to have them checked out.


Burning Smell from Brakes: Possible Causes

1. Your brakes are overheating. Your brakes use friction to stop your moving vehicle, and friction generates heat. Unfortunately, overuse or aggressive braking habits can lead to your brakes overheating. How do you know if excess heat has your brakes smelling like they’re burning? In addition to the scent, overheated brakes may also squeal excessively, or you may notice the brake pedal feels spongy when you press down on it. Focus on smooth and steady driving to help avoid overheated brakes.

2. You have new brake components. If you’ve recently had your brakes serviced or replaced, the new parts may be to blame for the weird brake smell—and that’s okay. The scent most often indicates that the resin in your new brake pads is curing, which means the material is getting stronger with use. (Some people compare it to breaking in a fresh pair of shoes.)

3. You forgot to disengage your parking brake. You parked on a hill last night, and this morning your brakes smell like a barbecue. Did you remember to disengage your parking brake before you drove off? If you forgot to release it, this could be the reason you have a burning smell from your brakes.

The parking brake is meant to stop your vehicle from rolling when stationary. Therefore, forcing your car to move while it’s still engaged is a recipe for excessive heat in your braking system.

Depending on how long you drove around with the parking brake on, the damage could be minimal, or it could be significant. Either way, if you realise you’ve been driving with the parking brake engaged, take your car to Highway Auto Brakes Rockhampton for a brake check. “Oops” moments happen to all of us, but it’s vital to stop any possible brake damage in its tracks with top-notch brake service so go and get a free check.

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The Benefits to Smooth Braking.

There are more benefits to braking smoothly than just the satisfaction of a smooth stop. Practicing smooth braking habits can help decrease the strain on your vehicle. After all, forcing a two-ton vehicle to a complete stop is no easy feat!

Maintaining a proper speed for your vehicle type, giving yourself adequate distance to stop, and not slamming the brakes can help keep your brake system running as it should for longer. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have your brakes, tyres, and suspension systems inspected regularly to catch any minor issues before they turn into major problems!
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Foot applying brake pedal rockhampton

Brake Service & Repair You Can Trust

Smooth Out Your Brake Problems.

Even the best of drivers can’t brake smoothly on bad brakes! If your brakes are not stopping smoothly no matter how gently you push that brake pedal, then it’s time to have them checked out.

At Highway Auto Care, we’ll take a look at your braking system to make sure everything is as it should be. And if it’s not, we’ll make recommendations to get your brakes up to speed! Schedule an appointment or head to your Highway Auto Brakes Rockhampton workshop for a brake inspection service today.

Brakes and Tyres are Your Stopping Power

Your Brakes are the most important component of your vehicle. At Highway Auto Brakes Rockhampton we offer a no obligation inspection to make sure that your brakes are working at their best.

According to a study by the NRMA, bad brakes are partially to blame for approximately 22% of crashes caused by vehicle-related conditions (second only to tyre problems, which account for 35% of such crashes).

Since crashes can severely shorten your vehicle’s lifespan (and compromise your safety), it’s vital to take care of any car issues that could heighten your risk for collisions! Get your tyres and brakes checked during a Complete Vehicle Inspection at the first sign of common tyre problems or brake issues to help you steer clear of performance problems that can affect your safety on the road.

Additionally, a complete vehicle inspection can give you a more in-depth look at your car’s inner workings, helping you make more informed service and repair decisions!

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