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Hydraulic Brake fluid has a service life of 24 months under normal conditions, if you're towing caravans and trailers, replace your brake fluid more often.

What you need to know about hydraulic brake fluid

Another good reason to visit Highway Auto Care Rockhampton includes a ‘strip dip’ brake fluid test. The test indicates whether or not your brake fluid is still serviceable and hasn’t absorbed moisture. If it’s not, your technician may recommend a brake fluid drain and refill.


What does brake fluid do?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that does three important things. First, it helps move different parts of your braking system so that when you press the brake pedal, your vehicle slows down or comes to a complete stop.

How can a simple fluid help bring a 1,000 + Kg vehicle to a halt?! It starts with you! Brake fluid is stored inside the master cylinder (a fancy word for a place that holds brake fluid). When you push the brake pedal, the master cylinder sends brake fluid through the brake lines to the brake calipers.

The calipers squeeze your brake pads against the rotors, and the rotors apply friction to the wheels causing them to slow down. Depending on how long and hard you press the brake pedal, the pressure will slow your car or bring it to a complete stop. Thanks to brake fluid, a little push goes a very long way.

But your brake fluid’s job isn’t done yet! Brake fluid also lubricates all of the moving parts inside the system and protects against rust and other types of corrosion.

Does brake fluid need to be changed?

Over time, the fluid’s protective capabilities can fade, which means your brake system stops getting the protection it needs. That’s one reason every visit to Highway Auto Brakes Rockhampton includes a strip dip brake fluid test. The test indicates whether or not your brake fluid is still properly protecting the system. If it’s not, your technician may recommend a brake fluid exchange.

You might be looking at a brake fluid leak if you notice a light yellow or brownish fluid under your car that’s slippery to the touch. You might feel the beginnings of a brake fluid leak if you notice a loss of brake pressure. Some drivers say it feels like they’re pushing on a “soft” or “spongy” brake pedal.

How can you spring a brake fluid leak? Brake fluid operates in a closed system made of all sorts of parts, including brake switches, pistons, lines, links, hoses, and cylinders. Some parts — like the brake lines — stay put, meaning they don’t move when you drive. Other parts — like the pistons — are constantly in motion.

Damage to any one of these parts could lead to a brake fluid leak.

For example, vehicles can have both steel and rubber brake lines. Over time, steel rusts and rubber degrades – two wear factors that can lead to holes or cracks in brake lines.

Worn brake pads are another common culprit for brake fluid leaks. “If pads or shoes and their respective counterpart rotors and drums become worn,” the pistons that operate the pads or shoes can become hyperextended, breaking the cylinder seals and weeping fluid to the affected area.

Maintaining a proper speed for your vehicle type, giving yourself adequate distance to stop, and not slamming the brakes can help keep your brake system running as it should for longer. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have your brakes, tyres, and suspension systems inspected regularly to catch any minor issues before they turn into major problems!

What happens when brake fluid is low?

Any leaks or issues with your brake fluid can lead to a low fluid level. When the brake fluid is low, you’ll likely notice:
  • Illuminated brake light on your dashboard
  • Reduced ability to stop
  • Brake pads wearing faster than normal
Check your brake fluid at home, or visit your local Highway Auto Brakes Rockhampton for a free brake check. Because brake fluid works within a closed system, low brake fluid levels are typically an indicator that you need a brake system inspection immediately. If you notice any symptoms of low brake fluid, point your dash toward Highway Auto Brakes Rockhampton for a brake inspection, brake fluid exchange, and brake repairs. Our crew is here for you!

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Brake Fluid Should Be Tested

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Brake Service & Repair You Can Trust

If Your Vehicle Is Out Of Warranty?

Are you looking for quality, value and convenience? Then look no further. We offer a first-class service and repair facility and provide you with a dealer type service at independent garage prices.

At Highway Auto Rockhampton we undertake all types of work, from servicing, replacing timing belts and full engine diagnostics to electronic management and service warning light reset. All work on your vehicle will be carried out to the very highest standard using approved parts.

Brakes and Tyres are Your Stopping Power

Your Brakes are the most important component of your vehicle. At Highway Auto Rockhampton we offer a no obligation inspection to make sure that your brakes are working at their best.

According to a study by the NRMA, bad brakes are partially to blame for approximately 22% of crashes caused by vehicle-related conditions (second only to tyre problems, which account for 35% of such crashes).

Since crashes can severely shorten your vehicle’s lifespan (and compromise your safety), it’s vital to take care of any car issues that could heighten your risk for collisions! Get your tyres and brakes checked during a Complete Vehicle Inspection at the first sign of common tyre problems or brake issues to help you steer clear of performance problems that can affect your safety on the road.

Additionally, a complete vehicle inspection can give you a more in-depth look at your car’s inner workings, helping you make more informed service and repair decisions!
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