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Auto A/C compressor replacement Rockhampton

Car A/C Compressor Service Highway Auto Air Rockhampton

Car Aircon compressor failure is a disaster, metallic particles are spread throughout the entire aircon system. Have yours checked now before it’s too late.

Is it costly to replace an air conditioner compressor?

Its best to have your car air-conditioner serviced to prevent compressor failure.

Sharp and grimy metal particles created during compressor breakdown can then travel through the rest of your A/C system, wreaking havoc on the entire system. Before you know it, all cold air, and airflow for that matter, will be long gone and repair costs are significant. Regular servicing will save you a lot of money.


Air-conditioner compressor replacement

The A/C compressor pressurises the system to push the refrigerant throughout. Through normal wear and tear, and possibly due to an unexpected defect, the A/C compressor may stop functioning or seize.

In many situations, the A/C compressor lasts the whole life of the vehicle without requiring replacement, although failure is more likely after 150,000km.

On average, you can expect A/C compressor replacement to cost $800 to $1,200 or more, depending on the make and model you drive. Highway Auto's Rockhampton customers will have first choice of new or reconditioned compressors at a very reasonable price.

Symptoms Your A/C Compressor Needs Replacing

  • Clunking noise when clutch engages instead of light click

  • Warm air blowing through dash vents with AC system turned on

  • Broken serpentine belt from seized AC compressor clutch

  • External leak detected by technician’s diagnosis

  • Windows fog up in humid weather

  • Oil leaks around the compressor

What is an A/C Compressor?

At the basic level, an A/C compressor is a mechanical pump. It pressurises and circulates the refrigerant in your car’s A/C system. In turn, the rest of your A/C system enables that refrigerant to cool the air that enters your car, and it all starts with the compressor.

An electrically-activated clutch on the compressor engages when the system detects lowering pressure. Inside the A/C compressor, two pistons attached to a wobble plate pump the low-pressure refrigerant entering the compressor into the high-pressure side.

This cycle continues as long as the A/C system is activated or the defogger is turned on.

A small amount of oil is required to lubricate the moving components.

The clutch mechanism utilises a bearing that can fail as well. If one of the seals or internal parts in the AC compressor develops a flaw, the compressor won’t function as it should or not at all, and will need to be replaced.

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Our expert advice

We recommend using your car's air conditioning system all year round. It is best to run the system for at least 10 minutes every month to keep the seals lubricated and so prevent leakage. Regular operation also stops unpleasant odors developing as a result of moisture forming in the filter or due to the build-up of bacteria.

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