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Car Airconditioning condenser service Rockhampton

Car Aircon Condenser Services Highway Auto Rockhampton

Car Air-conditioning uses an air cooled condenser to complete the cooling cycle of the refrigerant gas. Know how to clean and prevent condenser damage.

What is the cost of an Air Conditioner Condenser?

The air conditioning system relies on many crucial components to operate as efficiently as possible. One of these components is the condenser. The condenser is located at the front of the car, often located in front of the radiator.

The job of the condenser is to cool the air conditioning refrigerant that recently been compressed by the air conditioning compressor.


What causes an aircon condenser to fail?

The main reason for the condenser to fail is through impact damage. Rocks and road debris can puncture and damage the condenser, causing the refrigerant to leak out.

They can also block up due to other air conditioning component failure – such as compressor failure.

If this is the case, you may need to replace other components to bring your air conditioning system back to correct operating condition. An air-conditioning condenser replacement usually starts around the $500 mark, and depending on the vehicle and location of the condenser, this can increase to $900+ best to ask us for our price to be sure.

How is replacing your condenser carried out?

  • The condenser will be visually inspected for any leaks or damage

  • The air conditioning system pressure will be checked

  • If the condenser requires replacement, any gas in the system will be removed

  • In most cases, the front bumper will be removed to allow access to the condenser

  • The old condenser will be removed and a new one installed along with new ‘O’ rings

  • The air conditioning system will be evacuated and new gas injected into the system

  • The system will be tested for correct operation

What is an Air Conditioning Condenser?

The best way to think about the air conditioning condenser is just like the radiator for your engine’s cooling system – as they perform a very similar function. Instead of having coolant flowing through it, the condenser cools the refrigerant gas coming from the air conditioning compressor. The refrigerant leaves the compressor on the discharge line as a hot, high pressure Gas and flows into the condenser.

The refrigerant then leaves the condenser as a liquid at high temperature and high pressure where it flows through the Evaporator where it provides cool air for the occupants inside.

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Our expert advice

We recommend using your car's air conditioning system all year round. It is best to run the system for at least 10 minutes every month to keep the seals lubricated and so prevent leakage. Regular operation also stops unpleasant odors developing as a result of moisture forming in the filter or due to the build-up of bacteria.

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