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Car Aircon Smell Bad? Sanitise it at HAC Rockhampton

Even with the windows wound up, pollution and pollen can still get into your car through the air vents if the cabin air filter isn't in good condition.

The Cabin Air Filter Function

A serviceable cabin air filter catches dust, pollen, mould spores and other airborne material. However when it’s past its service life you get to breathe in these unpleasant microorganisms. We check your cabin air filter every service.

A clogged filter can also cause major window fogging problems and reduce the efficiency of the heating and cooling system.


Why A Cabin Air Filter Is Important

Your cabin air filter is vital in keeping the air in your vehicle fresh. But when it inevitably becomes gunked up with dirt, debris, and other contaminants, the air in your car might not feel or smell so fresh. And a musty smell inside your car isn’t the only potential problem that may arise from an old cabin air filter. There are a couple of crucial reasons you need to make a cabin air filter replacement one of your top car-care maintenance priorities! Here’s what happens if your cabin air filter is dirty and what you should do about it.

Strange, sudden odors coming through your A/C from inside or outside your vehicle can usually be resolved by removing or driving away from the odor. But if your car A/C smells like vinegar, gas, mold, mildew, or even like it’s burning, there may be cause for concern.

Your Cabin Air Filter Requires Replacement

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Cabin Air Hygiene

Paying attention to what’s going on inside the cabin is essential. Is the heater working well? How about the A/C? Is the driving experience comfortable or a little smelly and stuffy?

If you’re dealing with the smelly and stuffy scenario, it’s time to check your vehicle’s cabin air filter. The cabin air filter is somewhat of an unsung hero in the automobile world. It juggles a lot of responsibilities, including:

  • Helping clear the air inside the cabin of bacteria, dust, and other pollutants.
  • Helping eliminate odors within the vehicle’s HVAC system.
  • Helping ensure adequate airflow for defrosting and defogging — because poor visibility through your car windows can create serious driving issues.

If you’ve never changed the cabin air filter in your vehicle, you may notice one or more of these symptoms. Check your owner’s manual to locate your vehicle’s cabin air filter to check if it’s time to be changed. Alternatively, bring your car into Highway Auto Care Rockhampton to have a professional technician ensure your cabin air filter is fresh and clean.

What Happens When A Cabin Air Filter Gets Dirty?

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Car Air-conditioner Cabin Air Filter

Fouled air filter on the left, new air filter on the right.

A cabin air filter clogged with debris can cause the air system’s blower motor — which pushes air through the car’s vents — to malfunction, partially or entirely. Fortunately, there are several dirty cabin air filter symptoms that can alert you to a problem before the situation reaches that point. Such symptoms include:

  • Unpleasant, sometimes musty smells
  • Visible debris entering the cabin
  • Ineffective or less effective heating, cooling, defrosting, or defogging
  • Increased noise from an overtaxed blower motor

Replacing your cabin air filter may seem simple, but it’s a rapidly growing component of manufacturer scheduled maintenance services, as it can be a simple way to ensure your vehicle is performing like it should.

How often you need to change the cabin air filter may depend on a few different factors. A general rule of thumb is approximately every 12 months or 20,000 Km, unless otherwise indicated by your owner’s manual. But depending on your driving conditions, it may be a better idea to change the filter more frequently due to increased contact with common pollutants like dirt and pollen and a particular operating environment.

Driving with a dirty cabin air filter doesn’t just make your driving experience uncomfortable; it can also be a burden on your vehicle! If it’s time to change your cabin air filter, visit Highway Auto Care Rockhampton for professional, quality air filter replacement.

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