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If you want a reliable and safe car that performs well, it’s important to look after it through regular servicing, maintenance and inspections. If you miss a car service with the idea of saving money then you would be indulging in false economy and this will surely cost you more in the long term, as some minor problems left unfixed will lead to the need for major costly repairs.

At Highway Auto Rockhampton we personalise our automotive service to suit your budget and vehicle type, whether it's a small car, family car, sports car, SUV, 4WD, ute or van.

Our qualified senior mechanics and experienced technicians will use the best quality parts, and world class oils and fluids when servicing your car. We back our quality guarantee with a 12-month 20,000 warranty on all parts and workmanship. Get started today by browsing the range of car servicing options available at Highway Auto Rockhampton 07 49 261 303. write copy for this link more to do here too more for this link Write copy refering to the links above.

Some DIY Maintenance Hints

If you don’t have your car serviced as the maker suggests then some basic DIY maintenance can help hold off the eventual maintenance and repairs you will be facing. This list of basic checks may lower the risk of your car breaking down.

Check your lights and wipers are working and glass surfaces are clean. Make sure the handbrake is in working order, and all seatbelts are locking correctly. Verify your tyres are pumped to the right pressure. You can do this at any petrol station offering complimentary tyre inflators. Do a visual check of your tyres at the same time to check for damage.

You should also check your engine oil levels weekly and do regular checks of automatic transmission fluid, radiator coolant, and brake and clutch fluid levels. In newer cars, you might not need to do some of these checks as sensors will alert you if anything needs topping up or replacing. Check your owner’s manual for more information about DIY basics that keep your car in reliable condition.

By enrolling with Highway Auto as an intending customer you may be eligible for these checks to be done free of charge. However, when your car is serviced and maintained correctly, you could save money, get better petrol mileage, extend the life of your car, and avoid the unnecessary stress of car troubles.

Your Car's Fluid Level Checks

Check your engine oil weekly when the car is warm and on level ground. Stop the engine and wait a few minutes for the oil to settle, remove the dipstick and wipe it clean. Push the dipstick all the way in, wait a second, and then withdraw it and check the level. The oil should be between the two marks. Remember to push the dipstick fully in when refitting.

Automatic transmission
If your vehicle has a transmission dipstick (check your owner's handbook for its location), check the fluid weekly in accordance with the instructions in the owner's manual.

If more fluid is required, add the recommended fluid through the dipstick tube. Allow about a minute for the oil to stabilise before re-testing the level with the dipstick. Manual transmissions and automatic transmissions not equipped with a dipstick are more difficult to check. Best you leave this to professionals

Radiator coolant
Check the coolant level at least weekly. If your car is fitted with an expansion / recovery tank check that the coolant level is at or slightly above the 'minimum' mark when the engine is cold, or somewhere between the half and 'maximum' marks with the engine at operating temperature. It's also essential to regularly check the coolant level at the radiator when the engine is cold. It should be full.

If your car doesn’t have an expansion tank, check that the water is within about 25mm of the top of the radiator filler neck when the engine is cold. Never open the cooling system when the engine is hot as you could receive serious burns.

If more coolant is required, add a mixture of clean water and the recommended coolant/inhibitor. Persistent coolant loss indicates a problem and should be checked by a professional without delay.

Power steering
The fluid level should be checked with the engine stopped, and after the car has been driven for a while to warm the fluid. Check the car's handbook for reservoir location, checking procedure and fluid type.

Brake and clutch fluid
On most cars you can see the brake and clutch fluid levels through the transparent plastic reservoirs. If not, remove the cap and check the level inside. The level should be maintained between the maximum and minimum marks. Only top up the reservoir with new brake fluid of the correct grade. The need for constant topping up indicates the possibility of a leak that must be checked by a professional.

Windscreen washer
A plastic reservoir for the washer fluid is almost always mounted in the engine compartment (check owner's manual for location). Fill the bottle with clean water and, if you want, a special windscreen detergent. Do not use household detergents for this purpose.

The fluid level inside the battery should be maintained between the marked levels, or about 5mm to 10mm above the plates. If it needs topping up, use only distilled water. Do not smoke or use naked flames near a battery. Battery acid is corrosive, so take care to wash off spills with plenty of clean water. Make sure the terminals are clean and tight, and that the battery is fixed securely.

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