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Are you wondering why your car won’t start? Read on about faulty starter symptoms and learn how to tell them apart from other problems.
Starter motor symptoms can be confused with other auto electrical problems which include faulty battery and alternator charging and wiring faults.
Signs of a dying car alternator - Experiencing car battery problems? It could be the alternator not charging properly. Early signals are clicking, on turning the key and engine not starting.
Car Alternators often last the life of your vehicle, but not always. General wear and tear, heat damage, overuse, exposure to water will kill them fast.
The Highway Auto promise to you guarantees your car will be evaluated by the best highly experienced and highly trained auto electricians in our world-class workshop
Having the correct equipment is an essential part of servicing today’s modern cars, we have latest diagnostic equipment that can identify and allow us to fix any electronic issue your vehicle might have.