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ECU engine computer diagnostics services Rockhampton

Engine Computer Diagnostics at Highway Auto Rockhampton

Modern vehicles are equipped with an on-board computer diagnostic system that constantly monitors your vehicle’s engine, transmission and electrics.

Experience the best in the auto diagnostic business

Highway Auto Electrics have the latest in diagnostic equipment that can identify and allow us to fix any electrical and electronic issue your vehicle might have. A modern vehicle can produce many different fault codes which are picked up by sensors that continually report to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) and tell it how your vehicle is performing.

Know the cost before any work commences

At Highway Auto Rockhampton we provide professional advice for all vehicle makes and models. You will be advised of our diagnostic results and the expected cost of any repairs prior to commencing any services.


Some of the auto diagnostic services we provide


  • Is your car difficult to start ✓
  • Sometimes stalls ✓
  • Excessive smoke from the exhaust ✓
  • Uses more fuel than it used to ✓
  • Hesitates or is sluggish when you accelerate ✓
  • Engine misfires ✓
  • Warning lights illuminated on your dashboard ✓
  • Intermittent flashing of warning lights ✓

A Dead Battery

Sometimes a dead battery is just a dead battery — it’s reached the end of its life after a few years of use — or maybe you accidentally left the headlights on all night. Other times, however, a dead battery could be a sign that your alternator is malfunctioning.

A bad alternator won’t sufficiently charge the battery while the engine is running, causing the charge to deplete faster than usual. One way to test whether the issue is battery- or alternator-related is to jumpstart the car. If you jumpstart your car and it stays running, your battery may need replacing soon. However, if you jumpstart the car and it dies again shortly after, it might mean your alternator isn’t getting enough power to the battery.

Slow or Malfunctioning Accessories

An alternator that isn’t supplying enough power to your car’s electronics often results in slow or non-working accessories. If you notice your windows taking longer than usual to roll up or down, or if your seat warmers feel “off”, or even if your speedometer and other instruments start going haywire, you may have an alternator problem.

Many modern vehicles also have a priority list of equipment programmed into the car that tells the onboard computer where to cut power first if the alternator isn’t supplying enough electricity. That way, if you’re driving with a failing alternator, you’ll lose power to your radio (or other nonessential accessories) before losing power to your headlights.

Trouble Starting or Frequent Stalling

As previously mentioned, trouble starting your engine might mean that your alternator is failing to charge the battery. This means that when you turn the key in the ignition, all you’ll hear is a clicking sound instead of the purr of your engine.

On the other hand, if your car is frequently stalling out while driving, it may be a sign that the spark plugs aren’t getting enough power from the alternator to keep the engine running.
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Bosch, The Name We All Trust

When its time to replace your car's electrics demand genuine Bosch.

Growling or Whining Noises

Cars make lots of odd sounds — some are harmless while others can indicate serious mechanical problems. If you ever hear growling or whining noises coming from under the hood, you could have alternator problems, which should be checked out by a professional ASAP.

This growling or whining sound happens when the belt that turns the alternator’s pulley becomes misaligned or rubs against the side of the pulley. You may also hear this sound if the bearings that spin the rotor shaft are failing.

Smell of Burning Rubber or Wires

A foul odor of burning rubber or wires could indicate that parts of your alternator are starting to wear out. Because the alternator’s drive belt is under constant tension and friction — and because it’s close to the hot engine — it may wear out over time and emit an unpleasant burning rubber smell.

Similarly, if your alternator is being overworked or if it has frayed or damaged wires, you may smell a burning odor comparable to an electrical fire. An overworked alternator tries to push too much electricity through its wires, causing them to heat up unsafely. Damaged wires also create resistance to the flow of electricity, causing the wires to heat up and emit a foul odor.

Battery Warning Light on Dash

When the battery warning light pops up on the dashboard, it’s commonly mistaken to be a battery-specific issue. However, the battery warning light indicates that there could be a problem within the wider electrical system of your car, including the alternator.

Alternators are designed to work at a specific voltage, typically between 13-14.5 volts. If your alternator is failing, its voltage may drop below capacity, causing the battery warning light to appear on your dash. Similarly, the battery light will also appear if the alternator is exceeding its voltage limit, depending on how much stress it is under.

Depending on the electrical load from your car’s accessories (headlights, wipers, radio, etc.), you may see the battery warning light flicker on and off as the alternator fluctuates in and out of its intended voltage capacity. While this may seem like a minor annoyance, it’s better to bring your car in for an alternator inspection rather than wind up stuck on the side of the road. At Highway Auto Electrics Rockhampton we offer a free alternator system check-up.
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Have Your Alternator Tested Free

We will test your alternator, battery and starter motor free of charge.


Alternator Service with a Smile

If your car’s electrical system is giving you problems, it may be time to check the alternator. Highway Auto Electrics provides quality service that aims to keep your battery and electrical system working like it should! Schedule an appointment or head to your nearest Highway Auto Rockhampton today for affordable, quality alternator services.

Keep Your Car Charged Up

Difficulties when starting your vehicle or charging your battery could be due to a faulty alternator! For professional diagnostics and transparent service recommendations, schedule an electrical system inspection or an alternator service at Highway Auto Electrics Rockhampton.

Our expert advice

Our team of super skilled technicians have many years of industry experience, always upskilling and offer a full range of automotive solutions combined with old-fashioned, friendly and reliable service.
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