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Caravan brakes and wheel bearings Rockhampton

Caravan Brakes Wheel Bearings Service HAC Rockhampton

Electric caravan brakes with faults can create stability problems with sway control HAC Rockhampton have 54 years’ experience in 12 Volt Electrics trust us

Caravan Electrics: Sway Control Brake Control Wheel Bearings

Snaking, shaking and swaying. These are some of the most common causes of caravan accidents because when faced with this situation, caravanners can often panic and lose control of their rig.

There are ways to avoid and reduce the effects of the dreaded caravan sway.

Prevention should be your first goal: Begin with distributing the weight correctly and that means never put weight at the rear of the rig. Repack the van with major weight over the axles. The next consideration is to ensure the electric brakes are receiving even voltage from side to side. If the rig has a compromised wiring layout then one side brake will be applied hard and the other side soft and that will create a dangerous situation - Imagine!

New Generation Electric Caravan Brake Controller

By law, all caravans that are heavier than 2000kg must be fitted with an electric brake controller to provide the ability to adjust the strength of the trailer braking system. Some electric brakes can operate the trailer brakes independently of the vehicle brakes which aid in controlling caravan sway. Some controllers need to be mounted on the dash in a certain orientation to perform correctly and used for changing settings between different braking systems.


Wheels Off: Check Brakes and Wheel Bearings

Have you experienced Hot Brakes? Heavy loads on steep down slopes set your brakes to work and maybe a little harder than we would like. If you have the appropriate brake components and all electrical systems are secure then its all in a days work for your caravan brakes.

If you notice one brake is getting hotter than the other then this is trouble that need to be put right immediately. Uneven electric braking could be caused by any of many electrical discrepancies and requires a thorough going over of the entire electric braking system. We have much experience in these matters and can often pick the culprit quickly.

Caravan Wheel Bearing Service

With no odometer to measure the distance your caravan has covered we recommend that it becomes a time based service. It’s also a good opportunity to check the brakes, any associated wiring and to take a good look “underneath” to make sure all is good to hit the road.

We recommend our 40 point comprehensive inspection of the suspension and chassis for fatigue, A-Frame coupling integrity, 12V lights, Breakaway Brake system (if fitted) etc. all to keep you safe.

Caravan wheel bearings can be compromised simply by doing nothing – The weight of the van pressing down on the bearing pressure points causes decay and ultimate bearing failure, that’s why we recommend a check-up no later than 24 months.

When you start off on a trip it’s always a good idea to check the caravan wheel bearing temperature. Do this by placing the back of your hand on the bearing hub, if you can leave your skin in contact without discomfort you’re good to carry on. If you can’t hold contact for more than a few seconds let it all cool down and find a garage to see what has gone wrong.

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About Batteries Car 4WD Caravan

Batteries are the heart of your vehicle’s electrical system and do need regular attention to remain strong and reliable to get you where you’re going.

We can fit new car batteries to all types of cars, as well as 4wds, trucks, heavy machinery, motorcycles, caravans, commercial vehicles and marine craft.

We Stock a Large Range of the Best Battery Brands:

  • Cars
  • 4WDs
  • SUVs
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Earth Moving
  • Caravans

We also offer:

  • Caravan Battery Systems
  • Free Fitting Service with any battery purchased
  • Dual Battery Systems
  • Free Disposal of Old Batteries
  • Mobile Service

How long should my car battery last?

It depends on a number of conditions like these examples

  • The correct battery for the purpose
  • Proper installation
  • How often the car is used
  • The climate in which the car operates
  • How regularly the battery and car are maintained.

Foot applying brake pedal rockhampton

Have Your Electrics Tested Free

We will test your alternator, battery and starter motor free of charge.

Upgrade to Lithium Batteries

If you are wanting to save weight in the caravan or 4WD, Lithium is the solution. Switching your batteries to lithium can save you up to 60% in volume and weight in comparison to your standard lead-acid batteries of an equivalent capacity.

A Lithium battery system is also highly efficient with ultra-fast charging, and the ability to withstand up to 3 times as many charging cycles compared to their traditional lead-acid counterparts.

If you are wanting to be more self-sufficient when camping, save weight in the caravan, or you are planning to live the free camping life on the road, Lithium Batteries are by far the best option.

We can install a new Lithium system or upgrade your existing system. Cars, 4WDs, Caravan’s, Camper-Trailers, you name it – we can add Lithium to it.

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