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Car Air Conditioning Index
If you need a regas you have a leak. Get a diagnosis and a quote to locate the leak and have your car’s A/C back to delivering clean cold air again.
Auto Electrics Index
Our Car, SUV and 4x4 Technicians are well qualified to not only service and maintain your car, but also to handle the most complex of mechanical repairs.
Brakes index
Your Custom Servicing Plan evolved out of the fact that drivers use their vehicles differently. You might be paying for what you don’t need! Read on.
Ditch the car dealer, get better service at a lesser cost. Your new car warranty is always protected plus you get a lifetime workmanship guarantee 9.8 star.
Having problems with the mechanicals? You can rely on Highway Auto Care's Super Skilled Technicians to get everything working again. Thanks to many years of experience, using the latest test equipment with international access to technical data, our experts can quickly solve your problems.
Brakes index
Brakes that are in good working order are essential for your safety on the road. There is more to stopping a vehicle than the braking system. Tyre tread condition and suspension are what determines if you will stop in time.
Auto Electrics Index
The most prevalent Auto Electrical fault is not starting when you turn the key. Is it the starter motor? Is it the solenoid? Is it the relay? Is it the cables? It might be a flat battery and that might be caused by a faulty alternator.
Automotive diagnostics is the science applied to identifying faulty or unreliable electronic control components in your car’s operating system. You may have heard the term Scan Tool, yes that is one tool used to read stored faults.
Electronic components in vehicles is constantly growing, and it is estimated that they account for around 30% of all non-structural materials in a vehicle. Support is now moving from traditional maintenance to a high-tech operation.
Fleet Services
Highway Auto Rockhampton provides flexible fleet servicing and repairs for CQ operators. We are an authorised provider for many large fleet leasing management companies, including ORIX, Lease Plan, SG Fleet, Summit Leasing, Fleetcare, Fleet Plus and Custom Fleet to name a few.
Caravans and free camping are synonymous with doing the loop or heading our bush. However, to do that you need reliable electric power and you get that from Solar Panels, suitable batteries and a battery charge management system?
Sometimes, all that your cooling system needs is a good clean out to restore your vehicle’s cooling performance. But if there are any signs of leaks or corrosion present, then a repair or replacement is needed.
Safety Checks
Same day Roadworthy Certificates (Safety Certificates) and Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections at our Nth Rockhampton workshop all vehicle make and model. Qld.Transport licensed vehicle inspectors, authority #5875.
To keep you safe, Highway Auto offers FREE suspension checks! Your suspension’s job is to make for a smooth ride and keep the tyres in good contact with the road for safe braking.
Fleet Services
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Transmissions and clutch services
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